Behavioral Scientist Reveals Why Knowing the Difference Between Behavior and Aspiration is the Key To Long-Term Success

March 23, 2024

BJ Fogg sheds light on the difference between behavior and outcomes in his book, Tiny Habits.

“Here’s an easy way to differentiate behaviors from aspirations and outcomes: 

Behavior is something you can do right now or at another specific point in time.

You can turn off your phone. You can eat a carrot. You can open a textbook and read five pages. These are actions that you can do at any given moment. 

In contrast, you can’t achieve an aspiration or outcome at any given moment. 

You cannot suddenly get better sleep. You cannot lose twelve pounds at dinner tonight. 

You can only achieve aspirations and outcomes over time if you execute the right specific behaviors.”

B.J. Fogg, Author of Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything

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