January 20, 2019

Why (Almost) Everything Worthwhile Should Have a Price Upon It

Why (Almost) Everything Worthwhile Should Have a Price Upon It
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Napoleon Hill has been immortalized for his contributions to the self-help genre. SUCCESS HABITS explains the fundamental rules that lead to a prosperous life.

From the importance of having Definiteness of Purpose to the inexorable influence of the Cosmic Habit Force, Hill’s principles offer a new way of thinking about intention, self-discipline, and the way we lead our lives.   

​We hope you’ll enjoy this short excerpt from the book.

Information is abundant, and most of it is free, but facts have an elusive nature, and generally there is a price attached to them.

Somebody asked me not long ago why I didn’t just go about the country teaching this philosophy free of charge, not charging anything for it, if I didn’t need to make any money.

Do you know what I said to that person?

I said, “Do you belong to a church?”

He said, “Why, yes, sure I do.” I said, “Do you go to church?” and he said, “Yes, sometimes.”

I said, “Is your church always filled on Sunday morning?”

“Oh, no, oh, no,” he said, “very few of the seats are filled.”

And I said, “Do you know what’s wrong with the churches?”

He said, “No, I don’t know whether there’s anything wrong with them or not.”

I said, “Have you ever attended one of my lectures?”

He said, “Yes, I attended all of your lectures here up to the present time.”

This man, by the way, lives in this community.

I said, “Did you notice that on the opening night of our radio broadcasts in Paris, Missouri, one of the worst nights of the winter, that people came from as far away as sixty-five miles? They showed up, they were all there, the room was entirely filled and overflowing; did you notice that?”

He said, “Yes, I did, and I wondered about it. I wondered how you did it.”

I said, “Well, I’ll tell you how I did it: I did it by charging them, that’s how. If I were running a church, I think probably I’d place a price on each pew, and make them pay.”

The trouble with the churches is that they let ’em get away without paying.

Everything that’s worthwhile in this world, ladies and gentlemen, should have a price upon it, and does have a price upon it, in one way or another.

The things that you give away absolutely free, people usually value about as much as they pay for them.

Excerpted from the book Success Habits - Proven Principles for Greater Wealth, Health and Happiness by Napolean Hill. Printed with permission from St Martin's Essentials.

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