From Striving to Thriving: Why Practice and Progress Matter More Than Perfection

March 21, 2024

Julia Cameron sheds light on the pitfalls of perfectionism in her book, Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance.

“Perfectionism doesn’t believe in practice shots. It doesn’t believe in improvement.

Perfectionism has never heard that anything worth doing is worth doing badly–and that if we allow ourselves to do something badly we might in time become quite good at it.

Perfectionism measures our beginner’s work against the finished work of masters.

Perfectionism thrives on comparison and competition.

It doesn’t know how to say, “Good try,” or “Job well done.” The critic does not believe in creative glee–or any glee at all, for that matter. No, perfectionism is a serious matter.”

Julia Cameron, Author of Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance

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